The journey began with making hand-made products with fabric imported from India. The designs are based on Bohemian fashion with an African touch. We design long tops, long wrap skirts, bags, pashminas, jewellery, home décor, and more. Over the years we have expanded into a wider range of products and Bohemian lifestyle services. We also cater gifts for special occasions, with customers in over 15 countries including the USA, Europe, UAE, Jordan, and Australia.

Ankita Vyas Bohra


Founded by Ankita Vyas Bohra, who started Indiana House in 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up in India, she always had an eye for design, a passion for fashion, and a love for colour. After nine years of corporate experience she decided to launch her Bohemian fashion brand. (I moved this from the above paragraph because it felt better suited here. It fit with the writing POV of the company as well.) Indiana House is a Cape Town fashion brand specializing in Bohemian-styled clothing and accessories, all handmade with quality fabrics.

We pride ourselves on the breathable, comfortable, and luxurious feel of our fabrics. All products are made from quality and durable fabrics imported from India. Our fabrics have a unique, amazing feel and is super soft to the touch. Due to the quality of the fabric, our clothing lasts longer and provides a comfortable fit, no matter your shape or size.

With handmade products, there’s always a lot of love, care, and attention to detail that goes into creating something unique for all customers. They are made to be treasured.